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About Unfinished Software

Unfinished software, often called "alpha" or "beta" is software that is not yet ready for usage by regular users.

Unfinished software is released as a preview for enthusiasts that want to be involved in the development cycle either by suggesting features or improvements or by pointing out problems with the current implementation. It is also fair to point out that incomplete software might behave in unexpected ways, it might not do at all what it is intended to do and it might even destroy your data!

If you are a regular user it is better to wait for the final product.

Development stages

Alpha - functionality is still being defined. In this stage features are being added or removed. Do not install alpha software on a computer you care about and do not expect it to work at all. At this stage you are most likely to influence the final outcome by suggesting features.

Beta – improving stability and performance. In this stage features are mostly defined. Of course, some features might still be removed but usually no new features are being added. Usually it is OK to install beta software on development machines but if you are dealing with important data you should still keep it away from your production computers. If you get involved at this stage you will help fix bugs and improve the overall quality of the software.

We hope this helps clarify some potential issues with our products in development

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