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Command line arguments

You can use command line arguments to start Web Album Copier

How to use command line arguments

Go to "Start -> Run" and enter the file path and file name of the Web Album Copier application, folowed by the command line arguments. For example:
"C:\Program Files\BiroSolutions\Web Album Copier\WebAlbumCopier.exe" -u http://www.tbiro.com

You can also start the Web Album Copier from a batch file to perform an unattended download.

List of command line arguments

Command Result Example
u Start downloading the album at the specified URL WebAlbumCopier.exe -u http://www.AlbumCopier.com/SampleAlbums/Sample1/index.html
p Download to the specified path. If this is not specified then the default download path specified in the Options will be used and if there is no default then the user will be prompted for a target directory. WebAlbumCopier.exe -u http://www.AlbumCopier.com/SampleAlbums/Sample1/index.html -p "C:\My Pictures\Album1"

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