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  • Downloads entire albums automatically - No more endless right clicking to "save image as..."
  • Intelligent image detection capability - It can download images linked through a thumbnail, direct links to images and even images that are hosted on special image hosting sites.
  • No configuration needed in most cases – Just click and enjoy. Most picture hosting sites are automatically detected and there is no configuration needed on your part.
  • Thumbnailed preview - If the photo album you are downloading has thumbnails you can preview the thumbnails and select what images you want to download.
  • Saves time - galleries are downloaded as fast as your connection will allow, multiple images are downloaded at once to maximize speed.
  • Saves bandwidth – In typical cases only the images are downloaded, not the pages and the ads.
  • Integrates with Internet Explorer and FireFox. - Right click on a web album page and select "Download with Web Album Copier" to start the download automatically.
  • Download from sites that require authentication such as Facebook, online forums and more.
  • Built-in proxy server support
  • Supports multiple starting points for an album.
  • Pause and Resume supported.
  • Advanced progress reports - Shows what is being downloaded at any time and how the various download stages (Initialization, Discovery, Download and Cleanup) are progressing.
  • Automated updates make sure you are always up to date with the latest version of the software. No need to constantly check our site for updates.

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